Kuon the newest Little princess out-of Tuskur [ ]

Haku and additionally informs the lady throughout the their previous existence and you may family members, their cousin Mito, sister-in-law and you may relative

Just she was about so you’re able to says title Haku, the guy rushes toward talks about their mouth given that the guy can’t possess her talking about as there are tons of some body to. Kuon bites him as a result, but not Saraana and you will Uruuru grab him to shaded room and provide him a cool drink ahead of she resumes to your number; Oshtor observes Kuon looking at your, now perception responsible, but Fumirul touches as well, now neglecting the situation. After a couple of minutes Haku sees Kuon glares at him that have icy attention, frightening him.

It continue its take a trip by the carriage while they reach Tuskur’s Investment

Later in the day, Oshtor goes toward new deck and you may observe the brand new heavens and you may sea, thought what to do once he will come so you’re able to Tuskur as he look for the particular owner Trick. Kuon comes in from trailing in which he apologies to help you their that she can’t telephone call him Haku when he can’t block the fresh new Akuruka; Kuon requires your if he will keep maintaining Oshtor’s heritage otherwise their brother’s, Haku explains that once the world does not require Oshtor, he’ll decrease, actually he plans to take a trip the country, Kuon will come in pleasure to own reading so it even she involved so you’re able to receive your too.

Kuon asks your about how people familiar with live, the people and all sorts of regarding the early in the day industry in the time. Haku give this lady everything you hence he never seen the newest heavens before since anyone lived below ground, in fact all of their really works appeared as if when you look at the vain than the establish.

It hasn’t been sometime ago the war ranging from Tuskur and you will Yamato, so the shelter had heavy, Kuon made it them because of. As they going to appear Oshtor feels unsure out of the Tuskur’s people will discovered him since he is the fresh new High Frontrunner regarding Yamato, yet not Kuon make sure he understands to not ever proper care as she currently delivered letter regarding their arrival prior to exhibiting the lady people who Oshtor is future since ambassador so you’re able to reconstruct the connection among them places, the guy wonders what type of determine Kuon have within her homeland. The guy notices Kuon getting afraid since the she rating was told because of the Fumirul you to the woman moms and dads and you can sisters is actually kinda enraged by the running out of once again.

As they create range with the checkpoint to get in the city, Kamyu welcomes your to your residential property while the his guide to Tuskur’s Resource, however, Oshtor remembers the lady back when she and you may Aruuru stumbled on the best hookup bar Jacksonville brand new Purple Funding since envoys. Kamyu observes Kuon seeking to mask; and no way of preventing Kamyu, she will come in shame to meet up together with her brother and ask yourself in the event the this woman is annoyed on the powering off from house, far so you’re able to Haku’s wonder to see Kuon like that. Aruruu including welcomes your out of behind setting up Mukkuru, she offers him certain food because she turns this lady gazes for the Kuon since the she actually is in fact furious at their getting running aside instead of telling. Aruruu offers their a great “loads of discipline”, up coming Kuon fall-in deep shame since Aruruu needed to punish the lady facing everyone in addition to Haku. As he seems up on Kuon’s lifeless vision, Haku transforms up to at the same time however, Kuon angrily whip him with this lady tail. And therefore Kamyu courses Oshtor and Kuon, Fumirul therefore the twins into area.

From the Financing off Tuskur, because Kamyu and you will Aruruu instructions him regarding area, they are amazed you to definitely regardless if it’s small compared to Purple Capital, Tuskur is prosperous. This new tour goes on since Kamyu and Aruruu provides him a number of Tuskur greatest as well as treat, in fact Oshtor had so casual during the Tuskur you to nearly forgot his goal toward Master-key. While they go to new palace to have a feast so you’re able to his honored invitees, Kuon informs your you to she are unable to pursue your any longer far to help you their confusion.